RedGreen Labour is a website for Labour Party members and supporters of the direction taken by the Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. It aims to act as a network to link up many excellent campaigns and initiatives which work to similar aims.

Like Jeremy, we want to see the Labour Party as a radical, democratic, campaigning, socialist party involving large numbers of young people and activists in the struggle.

We are committed to participatory democracy and values such as trade unionism, internationalism, feminism, anti-imperialism and for well-funded, democratically controlled public services.

We also recognise that the planet on which we live is facing a global ecological catastrophe which will hit the poorest people in the world hardest. We are calling for a Just Transition to renewable energy, the creation of Climate Jobs, divestment from fossil fuel companies and for the public ownership of energy and water as well as other public services.

Our aims therefore are to:

  • Raise the profile of environmental & ecological issues and to develop an ecosocialist approach inside the Labour Party
  • Open up discussion spaces on contentious issues to do with Climate & the Environment such as nuclear energy, economic growth, airport expansion, high-speed rail.
  • Discuss important topics such as Housing, Transport, Health, Education in the context of climate change & environmental degradation
  • Argue for the active involvement of Labour Party members & supporters in campaigns to defend the environment, particularly anti-fracking
  • Work with and within SERA, the only Affiliated Socialist Society dedicated to environmental issues as well as with other groups such as the Labour Energy Forum, Momentum, CLPs and other relevant groups in afriendly collaborative way.

Our goal is to ensure that environmentalism becomes a key Labour value and will use this website to  contribute to this goal.

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