Trade Unions and Climate Change: An Interview with Clara Paillard

Stephanie McDonagh and Anthony Killick from Critical Perspective interviewed Clara  about the role of trade unions in fighting climate change on video and also wrote these notes

Trade unions are an important (if not the most important) instrument of power for working people. As such, they have, since their inception, posed a threat to capital because when people organise collectively they have the power to negotiate working terms: better conditions, better pay, the weekend and holidays. Without union organisation we would have none of these things.

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Waste Incineration & Energy-from-Waste: a new capitalist greenwash

Most of us are aware of the need for recycling waste but there is in fact a necessity to move to  Zero Waste as increasing public concerns arise about plastic pollution, food waste or toxic waste, writes Clara Paillard. . In a capitalist consumption society, we continually produce more and more goods, many of them useless or rapidly becoming obsolete by design and lack of quality. Incineration creates many problems.

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Fracking, climate change and the labour movement

The anti-fracking struggle is well alive in the UK and protesters across the country have made the headlines with their brave resistance against this extreme method of extracting gas by pumping large amount of water, sand and chemicals into the ground. Many communities supported by environmentalist and climate campaigners are resisting the fracking industry and the labour movement is playing an increasing role in supporting those struggles, writes Clara Paillard.

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership included a ban on fracking as part of its 2017 General Election  programme.
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