Red Green Labour and the Green New Deal

A new report by the Green New Deal Group should be welcomed. It provides a valuable campaigning tool for those of us in the Labour Party who believe that the party should be Green as well as Red and should identify addressing climate change as a central concern and an important part of its electoral appeal, writes Peter Allen. You can read the report here :

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A new relationship between the Greens and Labour?

Owen Jones’s recent suggestion that the Green Party should negotiate the same relationship with the Labour Party as that enjoyed by the Co-op Party seems to have hugely upset many Green Party members, writes Sean Thompson. What most Greens seem not to have noticed is that Jones was not proposing some sort of vague electoral pact with Labour, as the Green Party sort of proposed at the last election, but a whole new formal partnership between Labour and the Greens that could see its joint leader in a future Labour cabinet.

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