Step up the fight to stop fracking at Preston New Road

Its all been happening at and around the Cuadrilla site at Preston New Road over the last couple of weeks.

On September 26th, three anti-fracking activists, Richard Loizou, Richard Roberts and Simon Roscoe Blevins, were jailed for terms of as much as 16 months for their part in direct action on the site in July. Last week they announced they were going to appeal their sentences, some of the most draconian ever meted out to people taking direct action in this country.

The Campaign against Climate Change is organising this letter of support from trade unionists – sign up here.

Shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has called on the government to intervene in the case, describing the imprisonment of peaceful protesters in “a supposedly democratic and civilised society” as unacceptable. And on Saturday around 500 people marched from Preston railway station to the prison to protest their treatment.

The mood of many of the demonstrators were further lifted by the fact that the previous day protestor Bob Dennett was granted an interim injunction against Cuadrilla preventing them starting to frack on the site until a full hearing – expected to take place on October 10 in London.

Today, RedGreen Labour supporter Clara Paillard spoke at Preston New Road fracking site in support of the antifracking campaigners jailed and, the local community relentlessly fighting. Protesters also got a surprise visit from Shadow Minister Rebecca Long-Bailey.

As the new IPCC report was published today showing that we  have only got 12 years left to meet the Paris Agreement targets of not going above 1.5°C, it is paramount we ban fracking  now!

Next big protest on 20th October: support & share!

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