Useful Stuff

This page hosts useful resources including RGL statements, historical documents and pamphlets on a number of issues.


Red-Green Labour – our introductory leaflet

International Ecosocialist manifestos and declarations

The First Ecosocialist Manifesto

Belem Declaration

Manifesto of the 3rd International Ecosocialist Conference

Red-Green Labour stands in the tradition of the SERA Group, first established in the early 1970s. Their early pamphlets are still worth reading as a synthesis of red and green politics:

Socialism and Ecology – the classic pamphlet by Raymond Williams outlining an ecosocialist perspective

Eco-Socialism In A Nutshell – extracted from the book Nuclear Power for Beginners this pamphlet is dated but still an excellent starting point

Nuclear Power- Why Not? – although over 40 years old, this short pamphlet from the SERA Energy Group sets out socialist opposition to nuclear power


Labour’s Green New Deal policy represented a huge step forward for a mainstream party in Britain and we believe it should be at the heart of Labour policy in all future manifesto commitments.

The Green Transformation was Labour’s 2019 environmental policy

Labour For A Green New Deal’s page of resources for the 2019 General Election

Labour’s Green New Deal- an RGL Briefing


The Campaign Against Climate Change report A Million Climate Jobs  is an indispensable campaigning tool around the issues of Just Transition and alternative production.

A Green New Deal for Gatwick A joint report by PCS, Greenhouse and Green New Deal UK on the urgent need for jobs investment in the Gatwick diamond in response to COVID-19.

The Lucas Plan in the late 1970s was an early attempt at worker-led transition to socially and environmentally useful production:

The Lucas Plan  – a 53 page introduction to and summary of the Lucas Plan

Workers Control Bulletin no36- The Lucas Plan– From 1978 this journal includes the Shop Stewards Corporate Plan for Lucas Aerospace

A critical but useful article on the Lucas Plan from the newspaper Big Flame


What On Earth Is To Be Done? – a Red-Green Dialogue  first published by the Red-Green Study Group in 1994

Why Ecosocialism? by Michael Lowy

Food sovereignty is a vital component of a socialist environmental policy. We endorse the People’s Food Sovereignty Statement

Many local authorities have declared a climate emergency, and some have started to take appropriate action. You can find details about your own local authority and its actions on the Data page of Declare a Climate Emergency