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Jonathan Neale’s new book Fight the Fire – Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs can be downloaded as a free pdf or a free e-book here. It can be ordered as a paperback for £15 here .

Advance Praise for Fight the Fire

“This is a timely book. At a time when the world is still reeling from the ravages of Covid-19 and the massive economic dislocation that it engendered, now is the perfect time to reinvigorate the campaign for climate jobs, or, as in the case of the Philippines, to launch it. And this book is just what any climate jobs campaigner would need. It provides the big picture, the science and the politics of climate change, as well as the nuts and bolts of how such a campaign would look like. More than that, it is replete with lessons that the author has gained from a life spent fighting in the trenches of various campaigns.” – Josua Mata, Secretary-General, SENTRO union federation, Philippines.

“Jonathan Neale has produced a magnificent book, readable and accessible – an analytical tour de force and a grounded, forceful call for practical action. Central to any green new deal, with a caring economy at its core, must be the commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions rapidly. New jobs to do that are needed – climate jobs – for those losing their old high-carbon jobs, and for many others besides. It will require a reinvigorated public sector. Looking at both the global North and South, Neale spells out, sector by sector, exactly how we can do it. Inspiring, life-affirming and, above all, practical.” – Richard Kuper, Red Green Labour

“Neale’s writing provides a compelling argument and guide for climate justice activists, the force of its logic, ideas and inspiration is unassailable, many will keep this one by the bedside for years to come.”  – Rehad Desai, Director, Miners Shot Down

“Jonathan Neale has unusual gifts for writing science, technology and politics, ideas and practical plans in ways everyone can understand. He used these gifts in One million climate jobs – a project for trade unionists, activists and political workers in the UK.  In Fight the Fire: Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs, Jonathan Neale has developed them for the world.” – Barbara Harriss-White, Professor of Development Studies, University of Oxford

“‘I want a concrete plan, not just nice words’, said Greta Thunberg.  Jonathan Neale knows the meaning of concrete when it comes to climate action. With brutal realism and die-hard optimism, he explains why climate jobs must be at the centre of Green New Deals.

“No book, no plan, no Netflix documentary can reassure us as we face the fire of global warming. Yet the words of Jonathan Neale are powerful, detailed and honest.  Whether the chapter is about chickens or hydrogen, this monumental book clears away obstacles in the necessary process of building mass movements for climate jobs.” – Andreas Ytterstad, Chair, Concerned Scientists Norway

“This is a stirring call to action that is as practical as it is bold and radical. With detailed arguments made in plain prose, longtime organizer, writer and climate justice activist Jonathan Neale, puts forth how we can cool the planet by stoking the heat and organization of working people. A how-to guide for building the kind of mass movement for climate jobs we need to avoid climate breakdown. Read it, share it, organize by it.”  – Chris Williams, author Ecology and Socialism

“Climate change affects us all- and yet it took a sixteen-year-old girl to make the world listen. Jonathan Neale´s extraordinary book cuts through the smoke screens to explain what global warming is, and how it affects us all in one way or another. Until now the debate has sometimes been deliberately obscured in an effort to blind us to
the realities. Jonathan has cleared the smoke away to allow us to see and make sense of what is happening. in a language anyone can understand. But this book is not a prediction of a coming apocalypse. It is a handbook on how we can stop it.” – Mike Gonzalez, author of The Politics of Water

“This book is one of the most accessible, rich and inviting interventions on the climate question today. It provides great insights and convincing arguments as to why green new deals and global climate jobs should be a priority. Neale covers a wide breadth of topics and does a great job at situating the climate crisis within a global system that clearly needs to change. The main strength of this book is that it does not only raise the alarm, but it tells us exactly why the situation is alarming; and it does not simply call for a change, but it also tells us how to do it.” – Rima Majed, Assistant Professor of Sociology, American University of Beirut

“Jonathan Neale’s latest book, is his most important and impressive. Beautifully and simply written against the background of impending climate collapse and the inability of those who hold immense economic and political power to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Neale presents a clear and penetrating analysis of what is at stake and how the struggle for climate jobs lies at the heart of a working class programme to prevent runaway climate change. Working class activists, in both the Global South and North have a powerful and easily readable aid with which to convince their constituencies that there are real and viable solutions to capitalist induced climate change and the larger ecological crisis threading life on our planet. This book must be read, discussed and its proposals fought for. A masterpiece.” – Brian Ashley, editor of Amandla

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