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RED GREEN LABOUR Meeting on Waste – July 31st 2021

The next open meeting of Red Green Labour will take place on July 31st at 5pm
Roland Rance will lead off a discussion on the topic of waste.
“Many of our discussions focus on waste – how to stop it poisoning our air, our water and our soil, how to dispose of it safely.
But we need to take a step back, and start asking what is waste, where it comes from, why it is even considered “waste”.
The resources of the planet are not unlimited, and we need to conserve them and use them with care, rather than dispose of them thoughtlessly.”
Our discussion on waste will be followed by some shorter business items about future plans.
We are experimenting with different times, as a number of people find Sunday mornings when we had been meeting difficult.
There is a Facebook event here which you can share:

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