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SERA Conference 2021- priority motions

SERA will be holding its conference online on 16th October and Red Green Labour is urging support for  the six motions below.

In line with SERA requirements, all the motions are under 50 words. This might make them a little unclear and imprecise- something which the first motion seeks to address by removing the 50 word rule.

These are all motions which we feel would take SERA forward as an outward looking campaigning organisation. 

We hope that comrades might find supporting arguments and materials for some of these motions in our own archives and resource section. We are happy to point readers in the direction of useful articles.

Constitutional Amendment Motion

This AGM agrees to increase the word limit for motions to 250 words and instructs the Executive to

-publish the constitution on the website

-recognise and promote local SERA groups

-email members and publish reports of EC meetings, initiatives, projects and parliamentary liaison

-introduce automatic annual membership renewal

Proposed: Terry Conway

Seconded: Sam Mason

Public transport is a service not commodity

Must be free, safe, accessible, reliable, and available round the clock in all parts of the country.

Staff must be well paid, properly trained, and unionised.

Staff and users must be involved in planning and management.

SERA will campaign for these objectives.

Proposed: Roland Rance

Seconded: Martin Abrams

HS2 / High speed rail

High speed rail is needed to counter domestic aviation but HS2 is a failed project. Running over budget and failing to address connectivity in the north, it is diverting resources from investing in a coordinated and affordable public transport system.

SERA will campaign for rail policy that supports these aims.

Proposed: Steve Ballard

Seconded: Sam Mason

Green New Deal / Technofixes

SERA urges that the Labour Party:

Honours conference 2019 Socialist Green New Deal and 2030 targets

Establishes LGND groups working with local authorities, trade unions, communities

Promotes public ownership, climate justice, worker-led just transition from fossil fuels to renewables

Opposes technofixes and Negative Emissions Technology including CCS, BEECS, DAC

Proposed: Fliss Premru

Seconded: Gilbert Smyth


Stop all new road building, as has Welsh Government – including Silvertown Tunnel, Lower Thames Crossing.

Redirect investment to sustainable freight and public transport.

Limit speed to 20mph residential, 60mph national.

Oppose car-dependent housing, promote public transport, walking and cycling.

Enforce current emission controls on all vehicles.

Proposed: Coral Jones

Seconded: Felicity Premru

Circular economy not incineration expansion

Waste incineration is incompatible with climate targets and particulate pollution. We oppose capital-heavy new build projects UK wide including North London Heat and Power.  We must lead on zero waste and create thousands of good, public sector trade unionized jobs in the circular economy – reduce, repair, rent, remanufacture, recycle.

Proposed: Steve Williams

Seconded: Pat Quigley




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