How To Stop Climate Breakdown

This review of Jonathan Neale’s important new book Fight the Fire first appeared on The Ecologist website


By Brendan Montague.

My father was a climate activist to the end. Ken Montague was a boomer, born among the bomb craters of the East End of London in what would now be considered abject poverty.

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The experience instilled in him a desire to take care of those around him. And when I say, ‘those around him’ I mean all of humanity.

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Building for COP26- Trade Union model motion

The COP26 Coalition Trade Union Caucus has agreed a model motion for trade union branches.  
Please circulate and pass in your trade union branch and modify for trades councils and other union forums.  
Model Motion for Union Branches
This union branch notes that:
1.Human-caused climate breakdown is leading to and exacerbating extreme weather events across the globe: heat waves, wildfires, floods and hurricanes, and loss of biodiversity.
2. The IPCC 2018 Special Report has warned of the dire consequences of exceeding 1.5ºC global average warming and that a societal transformation would be needed to avoid this, including halving global carbon emissions by 2030; nevertheless, global emissions have continued to rise.
3. The climate crisis is a social justice issue, with those who have done least to cause the crisis and who are least able to address it facing the worst impacts. We need to mobilise for a just transition which protects and improves workers’ livelihoods, creates a more inclusive society and stops greenhouse gas emissions.

Stopping the Silvertown Tunnel

The Mayor of London is pressing ahead with the Silvertown tunnel project, even after the coronavirus pandemic has turned traffic projections (and Transport for London’s finances) upside down, writes Richard Kuper.

Local residents, environmental groups, CLPs, Labour councils, and prominent Labour MPs have urged him to cancel the project, handed to a construction consortium under a PFI in 2019. The estimated cost, ultimately to be borne by TfL, has risen from £600m to £2 billion.

It will be a financial and an ecological disaster.

Many London Labour MPs, including Matthew Pennycook, MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, who is also Shadow Minister for Climate Change, have called for the Mayor of London to cancel the project before construction work begins. Other London Labour MPs to call on Khan to cancel the Tunnel include: Abena Oppong-Asare, Lyn Brown and John McDonnell.

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