Decarbonisation and Green Finance

Last year the Women’s Budget Group made a submission to the Treasury inquiry into decarbonisation and green finance. 

The key points are summarised below and you can find links to the detailed submission here.

Red Green Labour strongly supports this approach to a gender-equal and socially just transition.

Key points: 

  • The UK Women’s Budget Group believes that decarbonisation is necessary and must be done in a way that promotes equality and justice for all women and girls. This will require restructuring the economy so that less people work in carbon intensive sectors like construction and aviation and more people work in care. A care-led recovery from Coronavirus must be central to decarbonisation.

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Sensible Socialism- The Salford Model

This interesting article by Paul Dennett, City Mayor of Salford, from Tribune magazine looks at practical environmental  policies being implemented by some Labour councils. This approach should be at the heart of Labour’s manifesto for future council elections.

Like its near-neighbour Preston, Salford’s left-leaning council has put socialist policies into practice at a local level – and been rewarded with public housing, well-paying jobs, insourcing and a greener city.

Last December, it was my privilege to announce the next stage of Salford’s Council House building scheme, through which the council intends to build 3,000 more homes over the coming years.The announcement was the culmination of over four years of work on our council-owned development company Derive since my election as Salford City Mayor in 2016. These have been four years in which Salford has pursued a radical policy agenda in local government, which I have come to term ‘Sensible Socialism’ – or the Salford Model.

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