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COP28 Global day of climate action: find your nearest action through the Climate Justice Coalition

2023 is set to be the hottest year on record, while record profits are being made by corporations fuelling the destruction of our planet.

The Climate Justice Coalition has therefore called on climate activists to gather across the UK on Saturday Dec 9th as part of a COP28 Global Day of Action to demand robust and urgent action to reduce emissions, protect nature and hold polluters to account.

With global leaders set to meet in the United Arab Emirates for COP28 now is the time for us to rise for climate justice. The organisers say they want to send a strong message to decision makers that they want united for action to tackle the climate and nature crises before tipping points start to cut in.

The organisers have accused the UK government of u-turning on their climate commitments following an announcement by Rishi Sunak in September that the UK would be backing out on key climate policies, including issuing record number of new licences for drilling in the North Sea the lifting 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars.

Actions have already been called London and other UK cities and towns and action is being planned outside of the Edinburgh Parliament with food organisations and activists encouraged to join to raise awareness of the urgent need to act on emissions from food, farming and land use.

We need a strong trade union participation if we are to stand against Sunak’s backtracking and find real solutions to protect jobs and to provide a Just Transition to renewables.

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