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Climate Pledge 2030- ask your candidates to sign

Climate Pledge 2030 is asking all candidates in the forthcoming local elections in England, Scotland and Wales to sign a pledge to commit to work towards the 2030 Zero Carbon target:

“As a Councillor, I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure our local authority works in collaboration with the local community to:

  • set a target date of no later than 2030 to reach net zero emissions for our whole District/County/Borough.
  • develop and implement an ambitious Climate Action Plan that allows people, enterprise and nature to thrive
  • ensure that tackling the climate and ecological emergency is a priority in all the actions and decisions of the local authority

I will continue to inform myself about the climate change and biodiversity crises in order to better influence policy making, and to lead by example.”

Read more and and urge your Labour candidates to sign up here

The current list of signatories is here


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