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Seven Actions to Stop the Silvertown Tunnel

The latest newsletter from the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition give seven actions you can take in support of the campaign…

 1. Support the Newham teachers’ campaign about clean air, and the Silvertown tunnel

On Tuesday (15 June) the Newham branch of the National Education Union held an on-line meeting about “Our Children Deserve Clean Air”, addressed by clean air campaigner Roz Kissi-Debrah and health professionals. Teachers and parents in the borough are demanding that the Mayor pauses the tunnel project and does a health impact assessment.

Please support them by signing the letter here:

You can contact the campaign organisers via Miriam Scharf, email miriamscharf[at]

 2. Saturday 26 June, 12 midday – People’s Assembly demonstration

This demonstration by trade unions, environmental groups etc in London is to protest at government economic policies. We would like to go there, and make the Silvertown Tunnel issue better known to people likely to be sympathetic. It starts at 12 noon at Portland Place (2 mins from Oxford Circus). More info here.

Would YOU like to carry, or march behind, our banner? Please let Kate Middleton know KateMidd[at] (and note that that email is case-sensitive)

 3. Sunday 27 June, 5.0pm – zoom meeting, “Sustainable transport yes, Silvertown tunnel no”

On-line discussion, with a panel including Rebecca Lush (Transport Action Network); Simon Pirani (energy researcher, University of Durham); Izzet Hickmet (National Education Union / Labour for a Green New Deal); Sian Berry (co-leader, Green party, and London Assembly member); Ruth Fitzharris (Mums for Lungs). Plenty of time for you to make points and ask questions

A Stop the Silvertown Tunnel coalition event, part of London Climate Action Week

You need to register in advance, for free, for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

□ Football fans please note: there’s a small chance that England will have a match at this time. If that happens, we will postpone our event to later in the evening

 4. Thursday 1 July, 9.0am – demonstration at City Hall

We will be outside City Hall to make our views known to the London Assembly members, who have a meeting at 10.0am. (As mentioned on previous email.) Please join us!

 5. Lobbying / letter writing

On 7 June the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel coalition wrote formally to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, TfL Commissioner, and TfL Board, asking them to pause the construction project, and commission a fully independent review before moving forwards. (We have done this before, but not since the Mayor was re-elected and other recent developments.) Our letter is attached.

We would ask you to send a supporting email. Ask the Mayor to cancel the tunnel project. You can repeat some of the points in our letter, or make your own points. Please copy it to these email addresses: …  and any London politicians who you would like to be aware of your view.

Please do this before the next meeting of the TfL board is on 28 July, which is mentioned here:

■ 6. Possible day of action

We are thinking of organising a day of action in the autumn, to highlight our campaign to people nationally, in the run-up to the COP 26 climate talks in Glasgow. We are sounding out YOUR opinion. Would this work? How might it work? Where should we be and what should we do? Let us know …

■ 7. Join our organising zoom call

We will meet, on zoom, on Thursday 22 July at 7.0pm, to discuss that day of action idea, and other ways to step up our campaign in the autumn. Please join us! You need to register here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

■ And, as always, follow us on twitter and keep up to date with our web site at

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